In 2011, after 10 years’ experience in multi-modal transport, the Groupe Montmur created Trans-Fer, a company entirely dedicated to combined rail/road transport services. Based near the Rennes railway terminal, Trans-Fer primarily operates on the Brittany/Rhône-Alpes route using a private operator.

Today, with over 80 mobile containers available, including 16 refrigerated containers, all fitted with tracking systems, Trans-Fer aims to encourage and promote the modal shift onto new routes.

A genuine alternative to road transport, combined transport such as the rail/road system is a solution of the future for goods haulage

With over 8,000 containers transported via this system in the last 24 months, Trans-Fer has become a definitive player within the sector.

Trans-Fer Rennes
Rue Jean Marie Hochet
35 000 Rennes
Phone : (+33) 02 23 27 22 68
Fax : (+33) 02 23 20 96 39